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Stylish. :) Cool to play if I just want to hang out in a strange neighborhood for a bit.
I expected to find a randomly generated number on the yellow building that I could press to activate rain, though, and I couldn't find it.

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Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm glad you like it.

Secret rain is based on a static number (not randomly generated), which can be seen on windows of that building. Just look for that, if the window has (or doesn't have) blinds. It's not some detail on that building, but whole wall of it. Then you type that number like 'n' + 'u' + 'm' + 'b' + 'e' + 'r', just pressing it won't work.

Sorry for decribing it to you in this sneaky beaky style. I just don't feel to say that number publicly, it's called secret, after all.

You can contact me on my email -, if you have any issues. Thank you again and have a nice day :)

It'd be interesting to film many FPS players' first reaction playing this game. I for one get physically ill due to the slow movement :)